HARDDISH DAILYCARE PRIVATE LTD (HDC)is an India based Direct selling company which aims to provide an enriching experience to all its stake holders. We offer bouquet of products which focuses to bring about a life changing experience to all our valued partners. The sole motto of HDC is to be a one stop shop for spreading Health! Wealth and Happinessto the community around. The founder member, Mr. Hardish Patel envisions a happy surrounding and so promotes his dream of HDC being the key enabler in his journey towards a healthy and wealthy society. Our team at HDC believes in “Customer First” philosophy and administers highest standards of transparency and integrity. Through our multi range products, we are confident to bring the highest client satisfaction quotient.


The birth of HDC is to create equal opportunity and drive self-satisfaction in the society through its focused approach thereby inspiring every individual to fulfil their aspirations and adding value to the system.


To empower one and all with the success mantra – “Happiness through effectively channelizing health and wealth”

Management Profile

The founder member. Hardish Patel, local resident of Ahmadabad Gujarat. An astute entrepreneur with many feathers in his cap of evolving business’s in various industries like Education, Energy, and Information Technology and enabled services etc. His financial acumen has brought him tremendous success in all his ventures. He has not only explored the business opportunities within India but at International level also which has brought accolades to his entrepreneurship journey. A jovial person by nature, sports enthusiast and philanthropist , he strongly supports the idea of start-ups and its strong potential in contribution towards a healthy economy.

1. High quality products

2. Enhanced daily lifestyle

3. Apex shopping & selling models

4. Enrich your financial career opportunity