HARDDISH DAILYCARE PRIVATE LTD (referred to as HDC herein after) (the “Company”)’s Code of Ethics, Policies and Procedures and Professional Marketing Guidelines ensure fair business practices by regulating the relations and dealings between Distributors and their prospects and/or customers.

When presenting HDC’s products, services and business opportunities to a prospect or customer, I agree to, at all times, observe, adhere to and strictly comply with, the following:

  • Respect for and adherence to the laws of the country;
  • Provide exact information about HDC’s compensation plan, products and services and sales methods;
  • Be accurate in any comparisons about products, services or opportunities;
  • Refrain from any participation in any unlawful or unethical recruiting practices;
  • Properly describe the relationship between a Distributor and HDC (Distributors are independent entrepreneurs of their own businesses and are not employees of HDC);
  • Distributor commissions are a result of performance and hard work through ethical and successful marketing; and
  • Abide by HDC’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics and convey that message to the prospects and/or customers.

Furthermore, I hereby confirm that I am a citizen of India, of legal age, and that I fully agree with the following:

  • The products and business model of HDC have been presented to me in full detail and all of my questions were answered to my full satisfaction.
  • The person who introduced me to HDC’s products and business model treated me fairly at all times.
  • I have completed the online form as a Distributor on HDC’s official website and, in doing so, I have not used any false or fictitious name. All information provided by me are accurate and true.
  • I have read, understood and agreed with all the Policies and Procedures; I agree to comply with HDC’s Code of Ethics; and I accept and agree with HDC’s Earnings and Income Disclaimer. All information mentioned in this paragraph can be found at https://www.hdailycare.com/
  • I have purchased a product of HDC for my personal usage and not for resale. Purchasing this product does not guarantee that I will earn any commission/income. HDC pays commission based on my hard work, performance and success in the marketing activities.
  • In the event I receive any commission/income from my cooperation with the company and/or its business, I take full responsibility for paying taxes from such income in accordance with the current legislation of my country and I understand that the Сompany or its affiliates or subsidiaries and/or its official agent are not responsible (legally or otherwise) if I fail to pay taxes from my income earned.
  • I acknowledge and understand that Distributors are not employees of the Сompany and all expenses related to their marketing activities are solely incurred by the Distributors.
  • I understand and have been informed of the rules of purchase from the Company’s online store at https://www.hdailycare.com/ and I use the services of the Company of my own will. I have chosen aHDC product that suits me, personally paid for the order, and have received a payment purchase receipt that has been generated online as proof of order and payment.